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A Pleasant Surprise
January 2016
I want to take this time to thank my cousin Sharena Flowers for a job well done. I initially thought working with her was going to be wild experience only because she’s family. I hired her as my real-estate agent in hopes of finding the perfect home for my boys and me. The reason I hired her is because I know she’s business savvy. However, I was a little skeptical because we all know when it comes to family we tend to cut corners, place them on hold, make excuses etc simply because they’re family and we expect them to understand. However, my cousin did none of this.I flew in from Kuwait with only five days to find a home and for five days I was Sharena’s client not her cousin. She made sure I was up and out the door no later than 10 A.M to look for homes. I barely had to say anything to the seller because Ms. Flowers was already asking the right questions. We looked at the least five homes a day. And although I was exhausted and ready to give up, the gul wasn’t having it. She didn’t rest until I found the perfect home. Instead of a home previously owned home, in which I had in mind, she found a new construction for my boys and I. It’s perfect and well within my budget. I can’t thank her more for taking the time out of her busy schedule to make things happen. I have a new profound respect for Ms. Sharena Flowers. So again, I want to thank you Sharena Flowers, I can’t wait to move in my new place come December. I don’t think I could have done it without you!!!
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